Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drum Roll Please... Internet Debut for my very first Mini

Ok, so I'm pretty excited to finally show off my creation. I had so much fun making this mini and I'm so proud of how it turned out. Before I get ahead of myself I have to put out a little disclaimer that this was actually made back in December. Since then I know I've picked up at least a skill or two. So basically this album is pretty, ok, really, amateur. Nonetheless I still love it and plan to make so many more. 

 I upcycled a gift card holder and made a fun little hiding place for journaling and photos.

 I thought this was pretty cool. I wish I had a cool cartridge that cut things like this but I don't. So I cut this by hand and it folds out. You untie the ribbon at the top and fold it out. My only whine is that I wish I would have put more craftsmanship into it. It just looks sloppy. I was really tired and I made this whole album in two nights so I really rushed through it. I forced myself to finish instead of taking a break.

 I really like the present page. Since I was in the Christmas spirit and it is a Christmas mini after all I made a page that opens up just like a wrapped gift would. This gave me so much space for photos and journaling.

I don't know why, but I really just love the back. It's a personal note to my DD, Annistyn. It's pretty corny, I know. But I am pretty corny myself so it fits. 

So that's it. My big debut. I can't wait to show myself up and really bust out what I'm capable of. I think I haven't done any minis since this because I know that if I start I may never have time for 12x12s! But more minis are in my future and I promise it won't take me 9+ months to post :)


  1. Amanda, that is amazing. all those pages.perfection...what a keepsake.

  2. Thank you, Misty :) I really had a blast making it! I wish I had your stamping abilities! There are so many techniques I want to use on the next one! I'm going to incorporate a lot of your tutorials into it :)