Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is my very first blog post! I can't wait to get started sharing my love of scrapping. I belong to a wonderful group of ladies called Crafty Enablers. We love to talk about where to find the best deals on everything scrappy, and of course, occasional off topic items. When we find time outside of chatting we of course, scrap! I have come to admire the talents of these amazing women. I will be posting links on the side of my blog to many of their pages so you can see their insane work. It definitely deserves recognition. The group decided to start making challenges and sketches monthly for scrapbookers everywhere to follow. Most of us started out at with their Mid-Week Mojo. Scrapbook Steals has an amazing designer, Kristy Lee, who every Wednesday pumps out fabulous sketches for us to draw inspiration from. There is also a weekly winner if the sketch wasn't the best part :)

I'm fairly new to the scrapbooking world. I scrapped back in high school if you want to call it that. I had those dreadful scalloped edged scissors that I butchered my photographs with and Elmer's glued them to...wait for it...CONSTRUCTION PAPER. Ick. I put it aside during my wild and crazy early 20's and picked it back up this past year or so ago after the birth of my beautiful daughter, Annistyn. I started with MWM #3 and now am at 50. I hate to say I have a few gaps in my Mojo history, but my ultimate goal is to completely catch up, and then some. Now with the start of our Crafty Enabler's sketches looks like I have my work cut out for me!

I thought I'd start out my blog by posting a few of my all time favorite LOs. Hope you enjoy :)