Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nevermind the glare...

Hi there to all in blog land! 
I know it's been a whole minute since my last post, I just wanted to share my most recent layout of the newest member of our family, Xavier Chase. After starting my new job a devastatingly short 8 weeks after his birth it's been harder than I ever could have imagined trying to do it all. In fact, as I sit here now I'm chicken pecking the keyboard with one hand as I hold bubby in my left arm.

All I can say is it's all worth it. Although I'm constantly griping about my job, at least I have one. I know many are out this holiday season and I have many blessings.

Now, as far as this page goes I'm split. I like it, I'm claiming it (obviously since it has its own blog post), but I just wish I could make it better. I just don't get how my title can look so straight looking at it, then when I upload the pictures it's so obviously crooked. There's always been something about my style that's a little messy. No matter what I do or how anal I get every layout seems to have my signature messy look. (It must be the rushed mood I'm always in). Anyway, the glare from my flash (I know, naughty naughty..) is driving me NUTZ, which doesn't help ANY. I really just wanted to do the layered look, FAIL. I can't help but compare my work to all the awesome pins I have on Pinterest. It's like I look at my layout (which is my own, not based off any sketch this time, just a little FYI) and I think "I really like this, it's pretty cool", then I look at Pinterest layouts and I feel >this< small. I tried misting with color  (FAIL) and the layered corner look (FAIL). I'm not totally putting this down, I just wish I had the skill to make it come out the way I envisioned in my head. *Le sigh*. 

Anywho, please feel free to share if any of you ever have these moments. And please tell me you have. Oh, and suggestions are welcome too. As well as tips. Especially if you've mastered any of my apparent lacking skills. (That would be much appreciated). Gosh I feel everytime I pick up my scrapping supplies I'm so out of the loop with what's trending! (Feel free to throw that in too :)